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Fred Archer

Mrs Florence Bell

Algernon Blackwood

Reginald Bray

George Burchett

Charles Coborn

W.R. Courtnell

William Dalton


Harold Davy


Miss Christina Foyle

W.A. Gape

Miss Gibbs

Miss Pauline Gower

William Hagland

Walter Hart

Cecil Hunt

Parry Jones

Sydney A Kemp FZS

Miss Beryl Laverick

Bruce Macloud

Miss Molly Moore

Mrs Nelson

George Nicholls

Gypsy Petulengro

Miss May Phillips


G.F. Robey

Rev L. Shaposnick

Captain Dennis Slocum

Jack Smith

Mike Stern

Miss May Storey

The Tinsleys

Toni and Yento

Bill Traquair and Arthur Champion

John Tussaud

Mrs Usher

James Watts

Donald White

Dr Neville Whymant
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