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Cartoon by Michael Leigh

Other links and references
Sydenham Society website - a huge thanks is owed to Steve Grindlay for setting me on the right path
Article written by Reginald Bray in the Boys Own Paper October 1936
Articles in Picture Postcard Monthly June 1982 and December 1999
Girls Own Paper volume 56 page 532 (exact issue still to be established)
World Rugby Museum own two autographed cards
Ken Clark who wrote 'The Postal History of Japan's Wars - Vol 1, The Sino & Russo-Japanese Wars' and provided images of his wonderful album pages
W.E. Barnes card courtesy of theyflysohigh West Ham Memorabilia website
Lucerne card courtesy of Richard Francis

and finally.........

A very special thank you to Reginald's granddaughter, Zoe James, who has provided wonderful memories and photos