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Autograph Postcard Types
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As collecting autographs became Reginald's dominant passion he started to change the way he requested them. Although some autographs were collected on picture postcards or plain postcards with photos attached, the majority were just plain cards asking for the "target" to sign and return.

Considering that Reginald was sending approximately three cards per day he decided to develop a more efficient method by having special cards preprinted with his details. This also served to lend his request some level of credibility as well as reflect his success regarding his status in the world of Autograph collecting.

Each of the card types identifed to date have been identified a Type No, if more come to light then this numbering system will be revised accordingly.
Type WRB-1 - preprinted address Type WRB-2 - date and printed message added Type WRB-3 - message changed slightly
Type WRB-4 - apology added to message Type WRB-5 - Autograph King added to top Type WRB-6 -
Devonshire Road address removed,
Diploma added
Type WRB-7 -
Queenswood Road address added
Name added, Preprinted message removed
Register No. added
Type WRB-8 - Message shortened,
date moved, adddress removed
Type WRB-9 - slightly changed format
Type WRB-10 - Exhibitions added Type WRB-11 - address added
Four variants exist - date as 191_ 192_ 19__
and 193_
Type WRB-12 -
"Challenge broadcast on Radio Normandie" added
Type WRB-13 - message repositioned,
telephone number added
Type WRB-14 - radio reference changed Type WRB-15 - "if Photo used" added
Type WRB-16 - "if Photo used" underlined Type WRB-17 - address changed to Croydon
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